Top 5 recommended cafes in Melbourne

Melbourne being rated as the city with the best coffee in the world is not an exaggeration at all, and the variety of coffee here is extremely rich. The recommended coffee shops here each have their own unique characteristics and will definitely give you a different taste bud stimulation.

Pellegrini's Espresso Bar is an Italian restaurant and coffee shop with over fifty years of history. It has always been committed to providing consumers with exquisite coffee and the most authentic Italian flavors. For more unexpected surprises, you can also go to the kitchen for dinner!
Seven Seeds has two doors, one in the front and one in the back. You can walk directly from the Melbourne University Law School. If you want to experience the morning life of Melbourne University students, you can come here for a cup of coffee and a brunch.
If you are interested in coffee beans, coffee making methods, and origins, you can chat with the baristas here and you will definitely gain a lot. Patricia Coffee Brewers has no seating, it is suitable for standing and drinking coffee. It is also a great experience to drink coffee and watch the baristas brew coffee. The menu of this coffee shop is impressive, with three options on the wall: white/black/filter for customers to choose from.

Auction Rooms Cafe

The famous Auction Rooms is the new champion of the Melbourne coffee scene! They serve delicious coffee and meals, making it a popular spot for brunch. Additionally, they also sell coffee beans for you to grind and brew at home.

Ganyan Cafe

This place only sells coffee, no food, it is the coolest literary coffee shop in the area. The biggest feature here is the use of Syphon pot to brew coffee, and the staff working hard are like doing experiments, very cool!