Taste delicious Venetian Italian cuisine

In Venice, it is a must to try Italian cuisine. The biggest characteristic of Venetian cuisine is the skillful combination of seafood and land dishes. Here are a few recommended places in Venice where you can enjoy delicious Italian food and have a fulfilling experience.

Bacareto da lele

This restaurant is very small and inconspicuous, but it remains popular. They specialize in Italian sandwiches called Paninis, which provide a mouthful of happiness in every bite!
This shop offers a wide variety of pizza and if you want a fast meal, you can buy one or two slices which are quite filling. The prices are also reasonable, ranging from 3 to 5 euros per slice.
This Italian pasta restaurant is very popular and serves fast food-style Italian pasta. The prices are very cheap, and the food is served quickly. If you like pasta, you can give it a try.

Osteria - Enoteca Ai Artisti

The menu here depends on the fresh ingredients available in the market, so it changes frequently. This restaurant does seafood very well, with fresh ingredients and good cooking techniques. It's simple and not at all exaggerated.
This shop is loved by the locals, and we recommend trying their seafood spaghetti. It's fantastic! However, it's very popular, so if you go in the evening, you need to go a bit earlier, or else you may have to queue.