Canberra City Centre Hotel Selection

Hotel located in the city area, convenient geographical location for walking to attractions. The boutique hotel design will make you feel the charm of the city.

Nesuto Canberra

The hotel is located in the center of Canberra, with a superior location, surrounded by restaurants and shopping malls, making it convenient for dining and shopping. It is a hotel-style apartment with spacious rooms. The breakfast is in European style. There is also a rooftop pool worth visiting.
The location of the hostel is very good, just outside the Canberra Central Shopping Center, within walking distance of the central bus station and long-distance bus station. The environment is very good, cleaner and more hygienic than the average youth hostel.
The hotel is a ten-minute walk from the commercial center, and it is very convenient for shopping. Parking is convenient, and the nearby attractions like the Capitol Hill are not far away. The rooms are large, clean, and the staff is very polite and attentive.

BreakFree capital Tower Hotel Canberra

The hotel is in a prime location, right on the shores of Griffin Lake, within walking distance of Griffin Lake and the main attractions of the city. The scenery is beautiful, and you can watch the sunset by the lake in the evening, which is very beautiful. The hotel facilities are very new, and the service is also first-class.

Forrest Hotel & Apartments Canberra

The hotel is very close to the Capitol, with a superior location. It is a 10-minute walk to the commercial district, with various restaurants and supermarkets. The surrounding environment is very quiet, the rooms are spacious, and the facilities are complete. You can cook for yourself.