Recommended photography spots in Melbourne

I believe that everyone who comes to Melbourne would like to capture its beauty. Here, from the perspective of a photography enthusiast, I will share with you some scenic spots in Melbourne that are ideal for taking photos.

It is the largest Catholic church in Australia, embodying many features of Gothic architecture. Visitors are welcome to come in and explore when there are no events being held, and tripods can be used to capture the spectacular interior scenes here.
This is not just a library, but also a popular destination for many exhibitions in Melbourne. After arriving at the library, you can slowly savor the decoration style of the last century in this quiet atmosphere, and come upstairs to take a panoramic view of the large reading room.
The Royal Exhibition Building is the only building in Australia listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It combines elements of Byzantine and Italian Renaissance. When the weather is good, you can come here to visit the Carlton Gardens in front of the building and take photos of this famous Australian architecture.
The bridge across the Yala River may be the easiest angle to shoot the Crown Entertainment Center. During the time from sunset to midnight every day, there will be a fire show at every hour, which is said to be for the 'feng shui' of the casino, and it is very suitable for taking pictures.
Here is the most frequent place for Melbourne street artists. They all have unique skills, and their wonderful music makes this street seem like another world. If you like their music, you can also buy their CDs and have them signed. If you just want to take photos, it is recommended to leave them some change as a sign of respect for their performance.

Flinders Street Train Station

Flinders Street Station is the earliest railway station in Australia. This century-old, beige Renaissance-style building has become a famous symbol of Melbourne. It is a great idea to take some street photos outside the station and nearby.