Venice Food Guide: These are the must-try dishes in Venice

Winding waterways, flowing clear waves, Venice seems like a romantic dream floating on the sea, with poetic beauty that lingers endlessly. When visiting Venice, food lovers are in luck. Here is a list of must-try delicacies in Venice, eating these is a must when in Venice!

Trattoria Antiche Carampane

Spider crab salad (Grancevola) is a traditional local dish in Venice. The crab shell is used as a container, which is filled with crushed crab meat, potatoes, celery and other ingredients. Olive oil and vinegar are added and mixed before consumption, and some restaurants also add asparagus. This dish is very particular about its freshness. If the crab is not purchased on the same day, the restaurant will tell you that it cannot be served today and suggest making a reservation one day in advance.
"Spaghetti Neri" is a unique delicacy in Venice and a must-try when visiting. The black-colored noodles are made by adding squid ink to the dough during preparation, making them both chewy and rich in protein. Although it may appear as a "dark dish," it tastes delicious. The squid ink adds a savory flavor, and the squid itself has a wonderful texture, fresh and not fishy.

Bar All'Arco

In Venice, Cicchetti is definitely a favorite local cuisine among veteran foodies. If you have tried the famous "Tapas" in Spain, you can understand the essence of "a small bite" - these delicacies, with extremely small portions and delicate appearance, are absolutely the best choice for wine and chat. Generally, you can go to the counter to order them.
Seafood risotto (Risotto ai Frutti di Mare) and black rice risotto (Risotto Nero) are must-try dishes in Venice, and almost all restaurants along the canals serve them. It's worth mentioning that the overall taste of Italian seafood risotto is quite different from Spanish seafood rice. The local taste in Venice is better, with a softer and more tender texture instead of the firm and chewy feel of the Spanish version.
Venetian-style sautéed calf liver (Fegato alla Veneziana) is a very local cuisine in Venice. The local method is to sauté onions with olive oil, and then quickly fry small pieces of fresh and tender calf liver. Locals sometimes order a traditional white polenta to go with the fragrant and juicy liver, and a glass of local Valpolicella or Bardolino red wine is recommended to be the perfect finishing touch!

Bacareto da lele

White tramezzini is a delicious and affordable Venetian snack with various fillings, unlike traditional sandwiches, these fillings are abundant in quantity as they need to support the sandwich into its shape.