Go hiking in the national park to encounter Serbia's most beautiful autumn scenery

Serbian parks are all nationally certified and beautiful, definitely worth a visit. Let's go and explore autumn in Serbia together!

Frushka Mountain National Park

Fruška Gora is the largest mountain range in the province of Vojvodina, Serbia, not far from Novi Sad. The mountain range is approximately 80 kilometers long and may have a history dating back to 90 million years ago. Due to the discovery of many animal fossils on the mountain, scientists like to refer to it as the "mirror of geological history."
Tara National Park is located in the westernmost part of Serbia, in the beautiful area between the Visegrad Mountains and the boundary of the Drina River, near Bajina Basta. It is one of Serbia's most famous national parks, loved by both locals and foreign tourists, and is also the most filmed national park.

Jettap National Park