Where can I find cost-effective hotels in Rio de Janeiro?

From small guesthouses in the alleys to upscale hotels by the seaside, Rio de Janeiro offers a diverse range of accommodations. However, it's important to spend your money wisely. The following selected hotels provide comfortable stays at affordable prices.

Located on Copacabana Beach, surrounded by many attractions, affordable prices, excellent location, and convenient transportation. The most important thing is that the hotel has multilingual service staff, so you don't have to worry about basic communication issues!
It is well known that the public security in Rio de Janeiro is relatively poor, but this hotel is very safe and the price is also reasonable. There is a subway station nearby, only a few minutes' walk away. The hotel environment is good and very quiet, ensuring a good night's sleep in a foreign land.
The hotel is well located, near the city center and close to Sinarundia, the Consulate General of the United States in Rio de Janeiro, and Paris Square, making it convenient to get to these places. The hotel staff provides enthusiastic service. Although the rooms are small, they are clean and tidy, and the prices are affordable, so the cost performance is high.
Good geographical location, close to the beach, with many restaurants and shops nearby. The hotel environment is safe, which is the most important when traveling abroad. The staff are also helpful, friendly and enthusiastic.
The staff have excellent service attitude and can communicate in English, which is rare in Rio. Although the hotel is not very new, it is very clean, and the room rate includes breakfast, which saves expenses. There is also a pool on the top floor, come and cool off in the hot summer.