The five most attractive exhibition museums in Berlin

Perhaps you are a history enthusiast? Or maybe you are a culture enthusiast? If that's the case, follow the list here to see a wonderful display of museum exhibits. There are also unique architectural structures waving at you!

Merged by the East Asian Art Museum and the Indian Art Museum in 2006, it operates jointly. The museum showcases collections dating back to 4000 BC and is one of the most important South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Central Asian art collections globally. Cultural artifacts from multiple Asian countries can be seen here, including China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, etc.

Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum

This museum is located on the border of the Kreuzberg and Mitte districts and was designed by architect Martin Gropius in 1877. The building is in a typical Renaissance style, with a large central atrium. The building was completely destroyed during World War II but was later rebuilt and reopened as a historical exhibition.

Otto Weidt Museum

Otto Weidt was a blind manufacturer of military brooms in Berlin, Germany during World War II. He used his factory to help many Jewish people escape from the clutches of the Nazis. Today, his former workshop has been transformed into a museum to commemorate him, and his story has been adapted into the film "The Blind Hero" based on his own account.

Nord Foundation

The Nort Foundation Museum displays some photos and materials about the painter Nort's life. There is also a small garden behind the building.

Spectral Technology Center

The permanent exhibition of this technology center consists of over 150 projects, covering eight disciplines, including perception and vision, light and optics, scale and macro, heat and temperature, electricity, electromagnetism, mechanical strength and energy, and music and sound. The exhibits are highly interactive and suitable for children aged 4 and above to teenagers, allowing them to play with various exhibits while gaining scientific knowledge.