Top 5 Must-Visit Unique and Fun Attractions in Victoria

Victoria is located at the southern end of the Australian continent and has the highest population density of any state. Melbourne, its capital, is the second largest city in Australia. Victoria is known as the "Garden State" and its residents love sports. It is also the birthplace of Australian Rules Football, a unique Australian sport.

Best Western Great Ocean Road Motor Inn

The coastal scenery along the roadside is one of the best attractions in the world and a great destination for self-driving tours.

Twelve apostles

Named for their resemblance to the twelve disciples of Jesus in terms of quantity and form, the Twelve Apostles are a famous landmark on Australia's Great Ocean Road. Standing tall in the azure ocean, these standalone rock formations come in various shapes and are perfect for photography and sightseeing due to their resemblance to the twelve disciples of Jesus.

Phillip Island Apartments

This is a beach resort for activities such as surfing, fishing, and water skiing, and you can also see the world's smallest penguins.
You can feel the historical atmosphere here while enjoying the fragrant Asian cuisine and a variety of cocktails; this is a must-visit for Chinese travelers to Melbourne, with many shops and, more importantly, many Chinese restaurants that can give you a change of taste, and the food is good!
One of the best designed botanical gardens in the world, with exotic plants from around the world; rich and colorful experience activities, including children's gardens, botanical specimen museums, botanical garden shops, etc. The children's garden has many interactive facilities to help children get close to nature; there are shops specifically providing souvenirs and gifts themed around plants, one is the Observatory Shop near the observatory, and the other is the Lakeside Shop, which is very interesting to buy as a souvenir.