Do you know the must-visit buildings in Brasília?

Translated into English, the response is: "Come to Brasília to experience the beauty of Latin American cities, but wonder which buildings to visit? This list will help you count the landmarks of Brasília!"

Supreme Court of Brazil

The Supreme Court is located near the Presidential Palace, with a fountain in front. There is a row of columns towering into the sky, with a large water tank extending outward between every two columns, creating a unique and harmonious arrangement. The clear water flows straight down, symbolizing a transparent and smooth course of justice, thought-provoking. In front of the fountain stands a statue of a woman without eyes but holding a sword, known as the "blind judge," symbolizing equality before the law.

National Library

The National Library of Brasília in Brazil is a large and spacious building with a rich collection of books, serving as a gathering place for intellectual and cultural activities. In addition to preserving the national cultural heritage, the library has also gradually taken on the function of serving all citizens, making it a must-visit landmark in Brasília.
The Itamaraty Palace is the office building for the government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The entire building stands in the middle of a lake, with glass walls on all sides. Surrounded by water pools, white clouds, blue sky, water, and high-rise buildings, it forms a beautiful and extraordinary landscape, known as the "Crystal Palace". A must-visit when in Brasília, Brazil.

Buddhist Pure Land Temple

One of the many religious architectures in Brasília, Brazil, loved by locals and tourists. The tranquil atmosphere allows people to quickly settle their minds, and many people are willing to come here for meditation and feel spiritual power. Even if you are not interested in this, you can still appreciate its architectural beauty. It is an interesting and meaningful landmark.

Terra Pura Buddhist temple

This is one of the many religious buildings in Brasília, Brazil. It has a distinct difference in architectural style from the overall style of the city, with a Japanese-inspired temple design that makes you feel like you're in Japan. It is popular among locals and tourists alike. The serene atmosphere allows one to quickly settle their mind, and many people come here to meditate and feel the spiritual power. Even if you're not interested in this, you can still appreciate its architectural beauty. It is an interesting and meaningful landmark.