Accommodation Guide for Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay is a crescent-shaped bay backed by the Otway Mountains and surrounded by expansive white sandy beaches. Surfing, swimming, fishing, and kayaking are all popular activities in the area, making it the second accommodation stop on the Great Ocean Road. Since time is tight for the first part of the trip, it is recommended to skip staying in Lorne and instead drive an extra half-hour to Apollo Bay. Spending a cozy and comfortable night in an apartment hotel in Apollo Bay is also a great choice.

Recommended term: Life Functional Stick; Clean and comfortable family-style hotel, with standalone cottages located in a large courtyard, equipped with independent backyard. Within a 10-minute walk from the hotel, there are supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, small bars, and a beach where you can go for a morning run.
Recommended word: Family room is super convenient; recommend family self-driving friends to choose family room - it has two bedrooms, dining room and living room. The room is equipped with a microwave and oven in the kitchen, and the refrigerator in the room also prepares milk and biscuits. The landlady is very enthusiastic, and will provide a map when checking in, and will also explain the surrounding facilities, attractions, and routes.
Recommended word: Backpacker's Home; The Apollo Bay Eco International Youth Hostel is an eco-friendly youth hostel located just one street away from the Great Ocean Road, where you can walk to the beach to watch the sunrise. The entire hostel is designed with large floor-to-ceiling windows and offers different room types to meet everyone's needs. There is a rooftop terrace with barbecue facilities. There is also a fully equipped kitchen, TV room, and library, which is very convenient.
Recommendation: Facing the sea and mountains; Angela's Beach Bed and Breakfast is located beneath the beautiful panoramic views of Marriners Lookout on the stunning Otway coastline. All spacious rooms face the ocean or mountains, and most bathrooms have separate bathtubs for relaxation. The hotel is a 4-minute walk from the Great Ocean Road or a 3-minute drive from the town center, and a 10-minute drive will take you to Otway National Park.