Buddhist Temples in Wanxiang and Recommended Experiences

Laos is known as the Land of a Million Elephants, with over a dozen temples in Vientiane alone that can be visited as attractions. If you are not particularly obsessed with Buddhist culture, there is no need to visit every temple. After all, to outsiders, Buddha statues and temples may not appear much different, let alone the ages, craftsmanship, and historical significance. Therefore, we have only selected a few representative temples to quietly explore and silently contemplate the devout religious beliefs of the Laotian people, savoring another way of life in a non-disruptive manner.

Opposite the Presidential Palace, there is a small temple that can be walked around in about 15 minutes. The admission fee is 10,000 Kip (a little over 7 yuan). It was built around 1820 and is said to be the oldest temple in Vientiane. When you walk inside, you will discover that this temple truly deserves the title of the "oldest" temple, as nearly a thousand Buddha statues are in a state of disrepair, and the roof is barely supported. Many of the structures show signs of reinforcement. The entire Xieng Saen Temple seems to be weakly lamenting to you about the dynastic changes and storms it has endured.
Pha That Luang Temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Laos. It was originally built during the royal period of the Lan Xang Kingdom to protect the jade Buddha brought from Luang Prabang. The temple is famous for its jade Buddha, although the actual statue was looted by Siamese invaders in 1828 and is now housed in the Jade Buddha Temple in Thailand. The jade Buddha resided in Laos for 218 years. The main hall of the temple, reconstructed in 1942, still has a magnificent exterior, with tall columns forming the corridors and numerous Buddha statues inside. The main hall's door is intricately carved in Rococo style, and the walls feature numerous Buddhist story reliefs. The main hall displays many precious artifacts, such as the gold royal throne, Khmer statues, various sizes of gold, jade, crystal Buddha statues, as well as wooden carvings and door decorations. Despite the passage of time, Pha That Luang Temple still commands reverence.
Simuong Temple, also known as Wat Simeuang, is one of the most popular temples in Vientiane. It is believed that a pregnant woman named Si Meuang sacrificed herself during the temple's construction and has been protecting the devotees ever since. In 1828, the temple was burned down by invading Siamese troops, but the seated stone Buddha miraculously survived and continues to grant wishes. The current Simuong Temple was rebuilt in 1915. The temple houses numerous Buddha statues, statues of deities, and sculptures of various figures. The City Pillar is home to an eagle that has never left the stone Buddha. Inside the temple, there are also a jade Buddha and wish stones for devotees to pray to. The main hall is divided into two parts - the outer hall is for seeking blessings and protection, while the inner hall contains an elaborate altar with many Buddha statues, creating a sacred space for worship and prayer. Outside the temple, there is a statue of King Sisavangvong on the square. Simuong Temple is greatly beloved by locals and tourists, particularly visitors from Thailand.

PhaThatLuang Temple

It takes 1-2 hours to explore the entire area of Talo. The temples outside are free of charge. In the afternoon around three or four o'clock, when the hot sun shines from the west, Talo still looks beautiful despite having scaffolding in the frame. On the south side of Talo, there is a huge reclining Buddha, which is great for taking photos.

Triumphal Arch

Go to the tower before the sunset, and when the light system is turned on, it will still make people feel awe for this city landmark and the whole city. The Tower is about 3 kilometers from the Arc de Triomphe, which takes about 15 minutes by car. The recommended route is to climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe to overlook the view at 3-4 pm in the afternoon, and then visit and take photos at the Tower from 5-6 pm, and then return to the city center to take pictures of the night view of the Arc de Triomphe.

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