Swiss road trips also have these secret views

Self-driving in Switzerland allows you to see landscapes that cannot be seen by train, it is more flexible than traveling by train. The scenery is very beautiful, and there are some hidden spots that are not easily accessible by public transportation, so driving is needed to reach them. Some examples include:

Infinity pool by Lake Lucerne

Invincible scenery, able to enjoy the view of Lake Lucerne, with constant temperature; you can still enjoy the hot spring in winter; zero light pollution, perfect for stargazing at night! The hotel is only a 30-minute drive from Lucerne and is a five-star hotel located on the summit of Mount Pilatus at an altitude of 980 meters. It is the only hotel around and offers excellent stargazing opportunities at night!

Fulka curve

Grand Tour of Switzerland, among the five mountain passes that are crossed, the most perilous is Furka Pass, with an altitude of 2429 meters, and the ultimate scenery that once visited, can never be forgotten.


God's left eye, the lake water is a beautiful shade of green. This small town is most famous for its handmade wooden carvings, with many wooden sculptures lining the pedestrian walkway by the lake. Accommodations in this area are also known for their high character, with lakeside guesthouses being reasonably priced.

Dream hillside

This slope is in Grindelwald, which means lush forest in German. If you go to the Jungfrau, you must pass through this slope. The best shooting spot is to walk up a bit from the Grindelwald train station platform. From this position, the slope is in the middle with a lot of vegetation and faces the wind, so there is often rain. When sunlight penetrates the white mist and shines on the slope, the light and shadow changes are very dreamy, a favorite of photographers!