Vienna's traditional markets with good quality and affordable prices in Austria

In fact, besides Naschmarkt, Vienna has many other outdoor markets with not only attractive prices but also much better quality than major supermarkets. Here, we have sorted them out one by one for you!

Central Market

Naschmarkt, also known as Naschmarkt in English, has been a vegetable market since the 16th century, selling a variety of fresh local produce, fish, and seafood from Austria. There are many restaurants along the market, offering reasonably priced meals and doing great business. What's even more special is that there are Turkish, Chinese restaurants and supermarkets in Naschmarkt, where you can buy Asian ingredients. It's a heaven for us foreigners traveling abroad!

flea market

Interestingly, there is a "flea market" at the other end of the Central Market every Saturday. It is almost as big as the Central Market itself, selling a variety of second-hand goods such as artworks, jewelry, clothing, toys, lamps, and even machinery. It is very professional.

Schoenbrunn Palace Christmas Market

Visiting Christmas markets in various European cities in the past left me with deep impressions, but this visit to the Christmas market in Austria has been particularly surprising. It stands out from the rest, with its emphasis on unique and eco-friendly handmade products made from natural materials. The Christmas joy is abundant.
Great market, very large, recommend spending a whole day to explore, the diverse and vibrant market is worth taking your time to wander and explore.


This is a small and compact open-air farmer's market in an upscale neighborhood near the ring road. People, especially locals, line up for specialty cheeses and deli food from several stalls, as well as fresh-cut flowers. There are also popular coffee shops where you can enjoy coffee and pastries, and sausages are ubiquitous! The food offered is obviously more upscale at Rochusmarkt compared to other farmer's markets in the city. Visiting the farmer's market is a great way to understand how locals live. This market is definitely worth exploring.